I Need That Vacation Right Now!

So, you’ve worked hard all year and you’re exhausted and desperately in need of a vacation. Well I’m not surprised. If you are an American, then you live in only one of two countries that do not have a legal requirement to provide vacation days. Only the US and China do not have these requirements.

The standard vacation days for other countries averages about 2 weeks. Some have more but by far the highest amount of vacation days are found in the European Union with 4 weeks and France a whopping 5 weeks. No wonder we Americans can be so stressed out.

You may be lucky and work for a company that provides you that much needed time off of a week or two, but it is a common practice in this country to have your sick days be deducted from your vacation days. That sucks!

A vacation of any sort whether it’s a cruise, a trip to the islands or simply a few days at the cabin is extremely therapeutic. We need that time away from all the stresses of work and every day life problems. On vacation the stress starts to melt away and we savor every moment of it. It’s the gift we give ourselves for all the hard work we do.

I do believe that it improves our health when we go away and experience a new environment (of our choice) and have that time with family or good friends. This may sound funny but you can reacquaint yourself with your family. With all the hustle and bustle and driving the kids to soccer practice or dance class, the homework and dads meetings, moms PTA , work, shopping etc., we are living in the fast lane. I say go camping with your kids and bring the pace down to a level where you can actually breathe and relax. Or go on a cruise and let yourself be pampered.

Whether you are single or married, have children or not, we all seem to desire and cherish those days away from the fast pace of life. Some people take their entire vacation all at once but you can stretch it out with mini vacations. Consider doing 2 or 3 day stretches at a cottage or on the ski slopes. Having 3 or 4 mini vacations throughout the year may be more beneficial because you can experience completely different locations and have more opportunities to unwind.

However you want to do it, vacation rocks!