Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica is almost an undiscovered paradise and a jewel in the crown of Central America. Well, it is an amalgamation of calm and peace among its more troubled neighbors. Being traveler’s new destination in Central America, it is one of the spots to enjoy the tropics with clear blue skies and pristine waters. Costa Rica also means a long coast line with its hundreds of virgin beaches, lagoons and coves. Time spent on great surfing, relaxing swim sessions and lazy siesta on corner of a remote beach!

Just watch why people are choosing to travel to Costa Rica for their vacation most probably to find their retirement dream and vision! Costa Rica, situated at almost the narrowest point of the isthmus of Central America, the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Seas are mere hours apart by road. Costa Rica has beaches for everyone; be it teens, couples, lovers and elder lots. Coasts have beautiful, warm beaches, but the Pacific side is much larger, and has a strong dry season. The beaches are just ideal spots for swimming, skin diving, fishing, and surfing.

Beyond beaches, Costa Rica offers undulating mountains with cooler temperatures, awesome volcanoes, gurgling rivers, and vast stretches of rain forest. Larger cities like, San Jose and tiny towns across the coast line offers much solicited fun and enjoyment. Costa Rica’s conservative approach to eco system has enabled that lush and green jungles are abode of naughty monkeys, languid sloth, crocodiles, countless lizards, poison-dart frogs and a mind-boggling assortment of exotic birds, insects and butterflies.

The entire land is a veritable treasure house of turtles and sensitive marine animals. Conches and clam shells dot the entire sea shore, while shallow waters beckon the visitor to dive and explore. Cost Rica invites dare devils to fly through forests on zip lines, climb and peer into churning volcanoes; surf oversized giant waves and dive with dolphins and whales.