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Stockholm - The Most Beautiful Capital In The World?

Posted on October 25, 2021 by William Anderson

Stockholm is not as big and famous as Paris, London or New York. Still it's considered as one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The Swedish city captures the heart of every visitor.

Arriving in Stockholm is already something special. From the plane you will see the water, the immense green areas, the two islands together with the colorful buildings which make up Stockholm.... You're in a holiday mood even before you place your first step on Swedish ground.

Located between the lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is sometimes known as the Venice of the North. And, indeed, there's water everywhere. However, you do not need a gondola to go around. An extensive bus and metro system takes you anywhere.

Stockholm and Sweden do not make the information regularly. Sweden is a sparsely populated, but wealthy country and the nine million Swedes lead a rich calm life. They're small, helpful, tolerant, and speak excellent English - making Stockholm more pleasant to go to.

The town is remarkably clean. It's a really safe place too. Civil crime figures are among the lowest in the world.

Stockholm has a rich history and many points of interests. Take in walk in Gamla Stan, the old city centre with its medieval streets, well-preserved homes and royal palace. See the world's first open-air museum Skansen, which is a joy even if you aren't a museum fan. Or make a boat trip in the archipelago: no less than 24,000 islands and rocks create majestic sceneries you'll never forget.

But even contemporary Stockholm has a lot to offer. Nightlife in the Swedish capital is stylish, the Scandinavian design products in stores are tough to resist, and the contentious business district around Sergels Torg becomes one of the most vibrant parts of the town in summer.

Stockholm combines the most recent trends and developments with ancient Nordic culture and heritage, located in a place having an almost magical natural charm. It is truly one of the world's most attractive capitals.