Long Haul Preparation

Long haul travel is not the most pleasant of experiences, especially for those who are unprepared. Flights of more than 4 hours long can really start to take its toll on the body. Many people do not realise that the air, in an airplane is drier than most deserts on the ground. The humidity is often around 2%, whereas we are used to somewhere around 50-60% depending on where you live.

You already know that it is a good idea to drink plenty of water whilst on board the aircraft, but the best preparation is to make sure that you have fully hydrated yourself a few days before you travel. Build up your intake of water at least three days before you have to travel and take even more on the day.

There have been many reports in the press on the effects of the so-called long haul “economy syndrome”, where passengers have the smallest leg room and so on. One of the preventative measures suggested is to make sure you flex your leg muscles at least every half hour or so.

Why not help yourself combat jet lag and possible “economy syndrome” by taking enough water. If you really are drinking enough water on board a long haul flight, then trips to the loo will give your legs the stimulus that they need. Do not get embarrassed about how many trips you have to make, just feel good in the knowledge that you are looking after yourself.

Of course if you have certain conditions that are aggravated by more than usual water intake, talk it over with your doctor and let him or her know what you are planning to do. Remember a long haul flight is like a visit to the desert, without the heat. I used this technique to fly around the world in three weeks and it worked out just fine. Make sure you take extra water on board in your flight bag.